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Rotary District Governor Ellie Patterson, and Dick Kroeber, attended Globe Rotary's December 11 meeting. We had the executive board meeting early, at 11 am. Ms Patterson wanted to know all about our club and what projects we are involved in each year. After a lively discussion and introductions, we began the regular meeting. Ellie Patterson then spoke to us about some of her experiences, with Rotary International. Her speech centered on membership growth, her goal is 1500 members in our district during her tenure. She spoke on retention. What should we stop doing? What should do? What can we try that is something new? April 25th is Rotary Project Day. Pick a new or one of our regular projects to work on, publicize it!

Sharon Listiak was our guest on December 4. Among her other jobs, Sharon heads up the "Read On Express" every December since 2015. She begins lining up sponsors in July, and begins to order supplies, costumes, decor etc. This event promotes early (and continuing literacy) for children with special needs, and all school-age children in the area. Over eight hundred children attended last year. Every child receives a new, age appropriate book. Since 2015, they've given away over ten thousand books.

Michael Marquez, a Globe High school senior is our November Student of the month. His favorite subject is math, and He has played football all four years in high school. Michael plans to join the Marines, then go to college to get a degree, take
Officer Training classes, then serve in the Marines.

Three big Witches (and one little one) attended the Globe Rotary Club's 2019 Potluck Halloween Get-together
at Lamont Mortuary.  There was Pizza, Fried Chicken, Salads, Chips and Salsa, Cookies and Deviled Eggs.
Ian Lamont (2nd from left) came as the resident Mortician!

Globe Justice of the Peace Jordan Reardon spoke to the
Globe Rotary Club at a special evening meeting at the Globe Active Adult
Center on October 23rd.

Reardon does much more than marry people;
he said that's the fun part of his job.

Our Justice Courts
handle misdemeanor cases as well as criminal and civil cases.

Globe Rotary President, Paul Jepson presents a certificate to Dalila Camacho. Dalila is a 12th grader at Globe High School. She will be a first-generation high school graduate (and college graduate!). She is planning to attend ASU or possibly the U of A. She is interested in biomedicine, and Dentistry.

President Paul Jepson presents a check to Denise Tomerlin for the AZ Youth Partnership

The AZ Youth Partnership had been the recipient of a grant, and Denise Tomerlin came to report on how the grant was utilized. They work with many children and teens through the schools, and work with kids in foster care. They deal with behavioral issues, risky behavior, traumatized youth, and give them support to stay out of danger. A most popular activity is, before a big event like Prom and Graduation, teens are urged to sign a pledge to refrain from alcohol and to not get in a car with an impaired driver.  Those names are put into a drawing for prizes.  Denise was asked "What about Homecoming?" She said there just weren't enough funds to do that for Homecoming.  Since we had a quorum at out Rotary meeting, a quick decision and a vote followed,  now there will be a drawing at Homecoming this year!

Our Globe Rotary club hosted Tiana Holder at the August 21st meeting. Tiana began working last Monday, August 12th, shadowing our outgoing Chamber Director, Ellen Kretsch. She began her first "official" day at the Chamber on September 2nd.

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